The Fishman Firm Difference

Former prosecutor, Brian M. Fishman, founded The Fishman Firm with the goal of providing unparalleled legal representation to individuals in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties charged with criminal offenses. Whether you are a college student charged with possession of drugs, a local resident arrested for DUI, an individual arrested for sexual assault or a convicted felon charged with firearm charges or possession with intent to deliver, Mr. Fishman has the knowledge, experience and resources to obtain the best possible results in your case. His work as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia County for four years allows him to anticipate the tactics and arguments of the prosecution in advance and plan a counter-attack to any strategy the District Attorney may employ. It also allows him to explain why the prosecution’s theory of the case is flawed before they even make their argument.

From start to finish, your case will personally be handled by Brian M. Fishman, who prides himself on communicating with his clients and their family on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date on each step of the criminal process. This can be a very scary and stressful time for the criminally accused and their loved ones. Mr. Fishman is dedicated to doing everything in his power to reduce stress and keep the lines of honest communication open. Many lawyers make promises that they cannot keep concerning the outcome of a case. Mr. Fishman will tell you up front that he is not the judge and does not wear a juror’s badge and therefore does not make the ultimate decision on your case. He will, however, promise you that he will zealously advocate to protect your constitutional rights and do all in his power to fight for you in court.

The Fishman Firm represents the criminally accused in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester County. We are the firm you need in fragile times. If you or a loved one has been charged with or are the target of a criminal investigation, do not talk to law enforcement. Your first call should be to Brian M. Fishman of The Fishman Firm at 267-758-2228. He will make you feel at ease by patiently explaining the legal process and planning a defense to the charges you face. Contact Brian M. Fishman today for a free consultation. It will be the first and most important step you take in seeing that your rights are protected.