About Matthew Boyd , Esquire, Of Counsel to The Fishman Firm

Matthew is an experienced and passionate criminal defense attorney who enjoys fighting for his clients, competing with prosecutors during pretrial hearings and trials, and winning.

Matthew has dedicated his entire career since graduating from Villanova University School of Law in 2014 to the defense of those charged with criminal offenses. He has handled thousands of criminal cases and can offer premium representation to people charged with criminal offenses at any stage of their case.

Pre-Trial Motions: Matthew has represented clients at thousands of pretrial hearings, including preliminary hearings, motions to suppress, and bail and detainer hearings. Matthew has had countless cases dismissed or discharged at pretrial hearings, and he is regularly able to get his clients out of custody prior to trial by having their bail lowered or their detainers lifted.

Trial: Matthew has litigated over 100 trials with successful results. Matthew has a winning trial record and has secured “not guilty” verdicts for his clients for virtually every type of major criminal offense, including attempted murder, robbery, possession of narcotics with intent to deliver, firearm possession, burglary, rape, kidnapping, DUI, aggravated assault, theft, and many others.

Some examples of Matthew’s notable recent jury trial results include:

  • Commonwealth v. S.P.:Matthew’s client S.P. was charged with the sale of narcotics and possession of a firearm, after S.P. was arrested holding the keys to a car that contained a large quantity of drugs and an illegal firearm. S.P.’s DNA was present on the firearm and the narcotics.Despite the strong evidence against him, a jury found S.P. NOT GUILTY of all charges after Matthew effectively explained to the jury that the S.P.’s DNA was present on the drugs and gun because the police inadvertently contaminated the firearm and narcotics with S.P.’s DNA when they neglected to wear gloves during the search and failed to follow other important protocol.
  • Commonwealth v. D.H.:Matthew’s client D.H. was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and related offenses based on allegations that he participated in a narcotics related home invasion and shot an individual seven times. At trial, three eyewitnesses testified that they personally observed D.H. commit the shooting.The jury found D.H. NOT GUILTY of all charges after Matthew successfully discredited the Commonwealth’s eyewitnesses by exposing inconsistencies in their testimony and by showing motives for the eyewitnesses to falsely identify D.H. as the perpetrator.

Many other attorneys think that being a lawyer is just a way to earn a paycheck. They are not passionate about their jobs. They do not return their clients’ calls. They are either too nervous or too busy to go to trial.

Matthew is different. He decided that he wanted to be a trial attorney when he was in fifth grade. He loves fighting for his clients. He is dedicated to standing up to a criminal justice establishment that too often over-prosecutes and dehumanizes those it was made to serve. He cares about his clients and prioritizes communication.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, do not call an attorney who thinks of you as simply another paycheck. Call Matthew Boyd at The Fishman Firm, and get the passionate and zealous representation that you deserve.

Matthew Boyd

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