Philadelphia Theft Lawyer Brian M. Fishman

Brian M. Fishman of The Fishman Firm, LLC is a Philadelphia theft lawyer who has represented hundreds of clients charged with various theft offenses. He is an aggressive advocate who is committed to providing his clients with individualized legal counsel in all criminal matters. He has successfully handled many criminal cases involving theft, including:

  • Retail theft
  • Car Theft
  • Forgery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Theft by deception
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Receiving stolen property

Brian M. Fishman uses his years of experience defending theft cases to provide high-quality legal advice to each of his clients. He will make sure that you understand your rights and options, and is committed to answering any questions you may have about your case.

Theft Offenses in Philadelphia

Penalties for theft offenses range in severity depending on the circumstances of the crime and the value of the items involved. In Pennsylvania, there are two types of theft:

  • Movable (tangible items)
  • Immovable (intangible items)

Thefts are then graded according to the value of the stolen items and, to a lesser extent, the circumstances surrounding the theft. Thefts are broken down into misdemeanors and felonies, and then further broken down by degree-—ranging from third to first. Thefts involving items valued more than $2,000, firearms, or automobiles are considered felonies, regardless of value. Some theft offenses carry special grading relating to monetary values, such as retail theft. Other circumstances, such as prior convictions can also play a role in the severity of the penalty and the grading.

Depending on the value of the items involved and the circumstances of the case, clients charged with theft can face severe penalties if convicted. That is why it is critical to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you have been charged with theft. Brian M. Fishman, Theft Attorney has successfully defended clients in a wide variety of theft cases. He will use his experience in pre-trial investigation and trial preparation and execution to defend your rights in a court of law.

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The Fishman Firm, LLC, is a criminal law firm located in Philadelphia, PA. Attorney Brian M. Fishman is a criminal defense, theft attorney who concentrates his practice on defending the rights of those accused of criminal offenses. He has successfully defended clients in a wide range of criminal cases, and will aggressively defend your rights in court and in negotiations outside the courtroom. If you have been charged with any criminal offense in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks or Chester county, contact Brian M. Fishman at his Philadelphia office now at 267-758-2228 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney.