It takes a bold and determined attorney to file a PCRA, and Attorney Brian M. Fishman is not afraid to take on that challenge. PCRA stands for Post-Conviction Relief Act, and it is generally filed if the direct appeal challenging your conviction was unsuccessful in the Pennsylvania Superior and/or Supreme Court. The Superior Court will not address certain issues on direct appeal unless a full record has been developed in the trial court, and the most common of those issues is ineffective assistance of counsel. If you believe your attorney provided ineffective assistance of counsel, The Fishman Firm, LLC, can file a PCRA on your behalf to challenge that and other issues.

Philadelphia PCRA Attorney: Standing Up on Your Behalf

A PCRA is filed with the trial court in the Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania.  Your trial counsel may have rendered ineffective assistance of counsel in a number of scenarios.

  • If your attorney failed to communicate a pre-trial offer by the District Attorney’s Office that you would have taken had you known about it.
  • If your attorney failed to file and litigate a viable pre-trial motion, such as filing a motion to suppress evidence, an identification or a confession.
  • If your attorney failed to timely object to certain evidence introduced at trial where there was no reasonable basis not to oppose the introduction of the evidence.
  • If your attorney failed to timely object to improper argument by the prosecutor during opening or closing statements.
  • If your attorney failed to argue pre-trial motions in limine to exclude certain evidence so the jury was not tainted by evidence it never should have heard.

Filing a PCRA requires a lawyer who is not afraid to review his peers’ trial work and point out mistakes that were made during pre-trial motions, hearings, during trial or even sentencing. Philadelphia PCRA Attorney Brian M. Fishman is that lawyer.

Philadelphia County PCRA Lawyer: Not Afraid to Fight for You

Philadelphia County PCRA Lawyer Brian M. Fishman starts the process by thoroughly reviewing the entire record to determine if there were any errors that would substantiate a PCRA. As judges prefer not to call an attorney ineffective, all issues must be laid out clearly, exposing errors and their effect on your case. An evidentiary hearing comes next, allowing us to question the trial attorney about the errors made during their trial representation. The key is to demonstrate that the attorney had no good explanation for his or her actions, convincing the judge to grant a new trial where you can receive the representation you deserve. We have filed many PCRA petitions, challenged the effective representation of other attorneys, and are not afraid to continue to fight for you.

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