Outcome: Sexual assault charges withdrawn by the Commonwealth due to defense investigation. If convicted, he faced certain state incarceration and lifetime reporting under Megan’s Law. Instead, he received no penalty and the charges were expunged from his record.

Description: In 2008 a woman, who was on a party bus, was outside of a Philadelphia Eagles game. She claims that she asked a parking attendant to walk her back to the bus as she was intoxicated and alone. The rest of her party returned after the game to find her distraught and crying. She alleged that she was raped by the parking attendant inside of the bus but was unable to identify her perpetrator. She was taken to the hospital and a rape kit was performed. In 2011, a DNA hit linked T.D. to the crime as his DNA was found in the fluids from the rape kit. He was charged with rape, sexual assault, false imprisonment and related offenses. The defendant gave a detailed statement to police of a consensual encounter between he and the alleged victim. Mr. Fishman investigated the matter and presented his findings to the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth ultimately withdrew all charges prior to trial.

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