New Pennsylvania DUI Bill Addresses Repeat Offenders

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As a DUI attorney located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I know new laws are routinely being proposed and enacted to strengthen [...]

How Will Eagles’ Fans React if Birds Win Super Bowl?

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As Philadelphia Eagle fans we’ve all heard the stories. We threw snowballs at Santa Claus. We cheered Michael Irvin’s career-ending [...]

What is the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program and How Can it Help with a DUI in Pennsylvania?

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As a criminal defense attorney, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I know that as the holiday season approaches, law enforcement agencies [...]

Pennsylvania Statutes on Marijuana

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As a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I have defended those who have been accused of marijuana possession. Possession of marijuana [...]

Medications & Medical Conditions that Can Affect a Breath Test in a DUI Case

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As a DUI defense attorney in Philadelphia, I run into situations were a client's medications or medical conditions can impact [...]

Underage DUI Facts for Pennsylvania Residents

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For years, there have been several issues surrounding this unfortunate fact: there is a large population of people who fail [...]

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Pennsylvania?

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As a DUI defense attorney in Philadelphia, I've been asked whether DUI checkpoints are legal in Pennsylvania. Since the United [...]

Pennsylvania’s Implied Consent Law

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Did you know that when you signed the application for your driver’s license, you were agreeing to submit to any [...]

Warrantless Blood Draws in DUI Arrests are Unconstitutional

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When arrested on suspicion of DUI in Philadelphia, the police have certain legal duties and rights to ensure the safety [...]

The Consequences of a DUI in Philadelphia

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As a DUI defense attorney in Philadelphia, many people ask me about the consequences they face for a DUI arrest. [...]

DUI in PA: That Casual Evening Out Can be Costly

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That pleasant evening with your friends at a favorite local restaurant may be more expensive than you planned: Pennsylvania has [...]