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How Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Work in Pennsylvania Criminal Cases?

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When you are facing criminal charges, it is extremely important that you avoid giving too much information to the prosecution. [...]

What Does a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

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What is the point of hiring a criminal defense lawyer? If you are innocent, the prosecution doesn’t have a case. [...]

Fighting Fire – Defending Yourself Against an Arson Accusation in Pennsylvania

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By definition, arson is “the willful and malicious burning or charring of property.” While most arson involves setting fire to [...]

What is Considered Drug Conspiracy in Pennsylvania?

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As a criminal defense lawyer, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am often asked about drug conspiracy and its accompanying charges. [...]

What is the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program and How Can it Help with a DUI in Pennsylvania?

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As a DUI attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I know that as the holiday season approaches, law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania [...]