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Can Prosecutors Prove DUI Without a BAC in Pennsylvania?

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When the police pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving in Pennsylvania, they will typically ask you to take [...]

FAQs: What Do You Need to Know When Facing a DUI Charge in Philadelphia?

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When facing a DUI charge in Philadelphia, you need to make smart decisions. You need to avoid costly (and potentially [...]

Medications & Medical Conditions that Can Affect a Breath Test in a DUI Case

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As a DUI defense attorney in Philadelphia, I run into situations where a client's medications or medical conditions can impact [...]

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Pennsylvania?

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As a DUI attorney in Philadelphia, I've been asked whether DUI checkpoints are legal in Pennsylvania. Since the United States [...]

The Consequences of a DUI in Philadelphia

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As a DUI attorney in Philadelphia, many people ask me about the consequences they face for a DUI arrest. Getting [...]

Court Strikes Down Mandatory Life Imprisonment for Juveniles

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On June 25th, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling in Miller v. Alabama that bars mandatory “life without parole” sentences for juvenile offenders.  The [...]